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Resolutions For Dogs
January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! As we toss out our 2022 calendars and roll into 2023, many people are sitting back and reflecting on the past year, and also figuring out what they want to achieve in the next one. As it turns out, our canine companions also have a few objectives to strive for! A Washington Heights, TX veterinarian lists some of them below.

Be A Good Boy

One of Fido’s most adorable traits is the way he often looks super proud of himself. Be sure to reinforce good behavior! Offer your pooch treats, praise, and attention when he’s being polite.

Catch That Squirrel

Fido may never achieve this goal, but he will have fun trying. Be sure to walk your pooch at least once a day. Even if your cute pet has a yard to chase squirrels around in, he still needs the exercise and stimulation those daily strolls provide.

Score More Snacks

Dogs have been our buddies for thousands of years. They’ve had plenty of time to practice that sad, soulful stare that is so effective on us. Fido may decide to hone his theatrical skills this year!

Get Lots Of Sleep

Fido is definitely fond of his beauty rest. Most pups sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day! Make sure your furry buddy has a comfy bed for all of those naps.

Avoid Baths

Fido may never love baths, but he does enjoy feeling soft and clean. Be sure to give your pooch a treat after his beauty sessions, to sweeten the deal a bit.

Learn Something New

Does your canine buddy know basic obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down? If not, work on that this year. Otherwise, have some fun with Fido’s petucation. Show him some cute tricks, or work on advanced commands.

Go New Places

Most of our furry friends really enjoy going to new parks and trails. Take Fido on some one-tank trip, and try somewhere new. A few little adventures may do you both a world of good!

Spend Time With The Human

Dogs are amazingly loyal. Fido’s world really does revolve around you! Be sure that you’re spending enough quality time with your furry best friend. Time spent with pets is never wasted! 

Happy New Year from your Washington Heights, TX pet hospital. We look forward to providing great care in 2023 and beyond!