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The Corner Vet®

We’re a different kind of veterinary clinic! We offer primary care services, focusing on wellness, preventive medicine, and routine minor ailments all at prices that average 35% less than the national average for pet care.  We offer exceptional value by specializing in Essential Pet Care and Wellness Packages.

Summer Special through August 10th
Our examinations Monday-Friday are only $19.99

Pet Resources

Useful and accurate resources from veterinarian validated libraries, reviewed by our doctors for accuracy. Read more …

About Us

We put emphasis on essential care and preventative medicine which benefits you and your pets. Find out why … 

Pssst! We blog!

Watch our blog for clinic specials, pet tips, emergency  notices, staff updates, and just plain fun! Go there!

The Corner Vet® proves that the best quality pet care doesn’t have to be expensive. We encourage you to visit our clinics and find out why an affordable, primary care vet clinic is exactly what you have been looking for.


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