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Valerie Pena

Practice Manager

When Valerie was younger, she had a pregnant white Chihuahua named Weda. After witnessing her dog endure a tumultuous pregnancy, Valerie vowed to learn more about animal care so that she could help other animals in the future. Today, Valerie has fulfilled her dream. As the practice manager at Corner Vet at the Heights, she’s in a prime position to help her beloved animals lead a healthy, happy life!

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Valerie always had an interest in animals, insects and reptiles. She eventually got a chance to work at a vet clinic, where she gained experience in assisting doctors with surgeries and handling appointments. After honing her skills and gaining experience, she was ready to begin a new journey and was able to find a new home at Corner Vet at the Heights.

From helping animals, to working closely with doctors, to watching the growth and development of her team, Valerie enjoys various aspects of her job. She looks forward to successfully conquering whatever challenge comes her way at the clinic.

In her free time, Valerie enjoys spending time outdoors and watching and playing sports. Whether it’s listening to her daughter’s jokes or watching her dog Timmy run around in circles, she also cherishes being around her loved ones!



Haley has always been an animal lover. Growing up on her grandmother’s farm in East Texas, she was constantly rescuing and rehabilitating animals, from stray dogs and cats to turtles and other wildlife. When a pregnant Great Dane showed up on the farm in critical condition, Haley knew right then and there she wanted to work in veterinary medicine so she could help animals in need. As one of the receptionists here at The Corner Vet, she is working toward fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinary technician.

Haley’s first role in the industry was animal bather. From there, she worked her way up to groomer, which she did for three years before moving into pet product sales. After her children were born, Haley began working as a receptionist at a busy, high-volume hospital. Shortly thereafter, she made her way to The Corner Vet, where she continues to learn and gain valuable skills. Professionally, Haley enjoys assisting with surgery and wound care, and educating clients. Her favorite patients are cats and large breed dogs.

At home, Haley and her husband Daniel have two children, three dogs, and four cats. Chevy is a Great Dane who thinks he’s a lap dog, Dante is a curious Dalmatian, and Falcor is an English Lab who loves food and toys. Batman (aka Moon Kitty) is the king of the cat nap, Inspector is constantly exploring and investigating everything he finds, Thundera is the queen of the kitty castle, and Panthro is the baby of the Thundercats.

Haley’s personal interests include swimming, cooking, going to the beach, trying new restaurants with her family, and anything involving animals.