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All the services you need, in Houston Heights & Washington Heights, TX

When our pets are feeling their best, visiting the vet is usually the last thing on our minds. But building that partnership during times of good health is just as important as knowing who you can call when illness or injury strikes. At The Corner Vet, we want to become your trusted resource for everything pet related. In fact, we’ve designed our suite of services with your companion’s lifelong health and happiness in mind. 

Because our goal is to prevent your pet from becoming sick in the first place, we treat wellness care as our highest priority. By remaining a step ahead of potential health concerns, we are better able to extend and improve the quality of your loved one’s life. Of course, should the need for additional medical care arise, we’ve got you covered. From advanced diagnostics to surgery to life-saving critical care, you can count on us to be there in your time of need.

To view a complete list of services available to patients of The Corner Vet, please see below. Or better yet – pick up the phone and give us a call! We’d love to discuss how we can work together to help your pet live a truly amazing life!