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Many pet owners understandably feel anxious about their pet undergoing anesthesia. This apprehension can sometimes deter them from bringing their animal companions in for necessary medical care. Rest assured that the experienced professionals at The Corner Vet will provide safe, comprehensive, and advanced sedation for your loved one, whether it’s for minor procedures or major surgery.

To ensure your pet’s safety, we perform a range of pre-anesthetic tests. This allows us to tailor our anesthesia protocol specifically to each individual patient. Our trained doctors and technicians meticulously monitor your pet before, during, and after sedation to optimize the outcome.

In addition to surgery, we offer safe sedation for various minor procedures and treatments, including ear cleanings, shave downs, minor injury repair, toenail injury repair, and nail trims. Administering these procedures while your pet is under anesthesia enables us to work efficiently and minimizes stress for your pet.

If you have any questions or concerns about the medications and monitoring involved in your pet’s care, we are here to address them. When you entrust The Corner Vet with your pet’s sedation needs, you can be confident that safety, effectiveness, and comfort are always our top priorities.