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Fluffy’s Holiday Agenda
December 15, 2022

Do you have a lot of things on your agenda for the coming weeks? Many folks are going to be pretty busy this month. As it turns out, our feline patients also have some pretty packed agendas. In this article, a Washington Heights, TX vet lists a few of the things on your kitty’s seasonal to-do list.

Tree Shenanigans

One of Fluffy’s favorite holiday traditions may very well be scaling—or toppling—that pretty tree. If you have a super frisky feline, you may need to take a few extra precautions. Put most of the lights, tinsel, and ornaments on the top third of the tree. Don’t put a bunch of shiny ornaments on the lower part of the tree. That’s going to be much too tempting for your furry pal! You may also want to secure the treetop to the ceiling with fishing line.


Fluffy’s box obsession will never not be adorable. Give your kitty some of the empty ones after everyone has opened their gifts. Or, just have the kids make her a box castle. (This is a good way to keep them occupied while school’s out.)


Kitties keep very close tabs on their humans. Your little buddy will be right there underfoot as you prepare for your seasonal events. Fluffy may also thoughtfully try to help out with things like cooking, gift wrapping, and, of course, changing sheets.

Play With New Toys

Don’t forget to fill Fluffy’s stocking. Toys, treats, and catnip are the basic go-tos for our feline overlords. However, your furball may also enjoy a new bed, a scratching post, an automated toy, or a fountain. Want to go all-out? A cat tower is the ultimate option! 

Pose For Photos

Our furry buddies are extremely cute, which is a good reason they melt our hearts so easily. Fluffy will somehow manage to be extra adorable. (And extra mischievous.) Capture those ‘purrfect’ moments!

Sleep On Everything

Cats take their beauty rest very, very seriously. Your drowsy furball may take advantage of all of that holiday décor to try out some new napping spots or positions. You can likely expect to find Fluffy snoozing peacefully under the tree, on top of gifts, and, of course, on your guests’ laps, coats, and luggage.

Happy Holidays from your Washington Heights, TX animal clinic! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us anytime!