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Bathing Your Cat
October 1, 2023

Our feline friends have many great qualities that make them purrfect pets. The fact that Fluffy is so clean is a huge plus. Kitties are very diligent about keeping up with their beauty care needs. You don’t have to bathe your cat, though you can if you like. There actually are some benefits to getting Fluffy used to being bathed. For instance, if she ever gets very dirty or has something spilled on her fur, you’ll have a much easier time cleaning her. There are some things to keep in mind, however. A local Houston Heights, TX vet offers some advice on this below.

Start Young

If you want to be able to bathe your furry pal without ending up covered in scratches, start while she’s still young. Not too young, though: you shouldn’t bathe kittens before they’re weaned. Play it safe and get the thumbs-up from your vet before proceeding.

Use Lukewarm Water

Cats have very sensitive skin, and they can get burned at temperatures that don’t seem very hot to us. Use lukewarm, not hot water. You’ll also want to keep the water no deeper than Fluffy’s chest. You may want to use a pitcher or teapot for rinsing.

Opt for Kitty Products

Only use shampoos that were made specifically for cats. Human shampoos and conditioners are much too strong for Fluffy. They can strip the oil out of her fur, leaving her looking dry and frizzy.

Be Cautious With Flea Treatments

If your feline pal has fleas, talk to your vet, and get an officially-approved product. Unfortunately, some of the things sold by big box stores and discount stores may be of sub-par quality. These are much more likely to cause adverse reactions, which, though rare, can be very dangerous. If your furry buddy is already on a preventative, don’t double up: avoid using a secondary product, like a flea or tick shampoo, unless your vet advises it. This could expose your kitty to dangerous levels of toxins.

Blow Dry Optional

You don’t have to blow dry your kitty, but you may find that she enjoys it. This is also a good idea if it’s chilly out. Use a low/warm setting. Once Fluffy is dry, or mostly dry, she’ll head off to her favorite spot to get her fur smoothed out again.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your local Houston Heights, TX animal clinic, we’re here to help!