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Ginger Cat Appreciation Day
September 1, 2023

Ginger Cat Day is today, September 1st. Our feline friends can sport a variety of pretty colors and patterns. We think they’re all adorable! A Houston Heights, TX vet goes over some ‘pawesome’ facts about redheaded kitties in this article.

What Are Some Famous Orange Cats?

Quite a few redheaded furballs have become celebrikitties. The most famous is probably Garfield, the Monday-hating, lasagna-obsessed cartoon cat that’s been making us laugh since the 70’s. We can’t forget about Shrek’s furry buddy Puss N’ Boots. Other famous ginger cats include Jonesy from Alien, Cheeto from Gone Girl, Skidmark from Fear The Walking Dead, and Cat, the nameless kitty from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Where Are Ginger Cats From?

Although Fluffy will likely never reveal her entire history, evidence seems to point to Egypt or Ethiopia as her birthplace. The reasoning? Two of the oldest cat breeds, the Abyssinian and Egyptian mau, are from that area. Both of those breeds have the recessive gene that’s responsible for Fluffy’s red hair.

Ginger Cat Rarity

While ginger cats aren’t exactly rare, it is unusual to find a female one. The vast majority of redheaded kitties—about three out of four—are boys. Because that red fur gene is on the X chromosome, which is carried by females, girl gingers need a copy from each parent.

What Are Ginger Cats Like?

If we know one thing about our feline companions, it’s that they’re all unique individuals. That said, there seems to be a consensus among people owned by redheaded furballs. Fluffy is usually quite outspoken, affectionate, playful, and maybe a bit extra.

What Breeds Are Ginger Cats?

Several breeds allow red coloring on their purebred registries. Some of these include the Main Coon, Persain, Munchkin, and American Shorthair. Of course, there are also many mixed-breed ginger kitties out there.

Are Ginger Cats Tabbies?

Kitty coat colors and patterns can be quite fascinating. Ginger cats are all tabbies, because of the markings they sport. Fluffy can choose from one of five patterns: classic, spotted, ticked, mackerel, and patched. She may also have long, short, or even curly fur.

What Are Good Names For Ginger Cats?

You can have lots of fun naming a redheaded kitty. Garfield is of course a popular choice. You could also name your little buddy Cheeto, Carrot, Cheddar, Tigger, Ginger, Red, Marmalade, Fireball, Cinnamon, or, as a lark, Midnight or Snowball.

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