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Cold Treats For Fido
August 15, 2023

The Dog Days Of Summer are officially upon us! Texas can be absolutely sweltering at this time of year. The heat is just as uncomfortable and dangerous for dogs as it is for people. It’s very important to make sure Fido always has clean water and access to cool, shady areas. After all, our canine friends can’t exactly get themselves a cold glass of water or crank up the AC if they get too hot. Another thing that can help your pooch beat the heat? Cold snacks! A Houston Heights, TX vet offers some pawsible options below.

Ice Cream

As it turns out, dogs like ice cream as much as we do. Don’t share yours with your pup though: it’s got too much fat and sugar for him. You can buy or make some just for Fido. Several companies now make versions just for pets. You can also make your pooch a homemade doggy version. There are plenty of recipes online. Just stick with safe ingredients. Some options include ripe bananas, pureed pumpkin, natural peanut butter, plain fat-free yogurt, and organic baby food. You can dress it up with kibble, broken treats, bacon bits, cooked shredded meat, and/or safe fruits and veggies, such as peas or carrots.


For this one, you’ll need chew sticks or treats that have a long, skinny shape. Put some sodium-free broth into Dixie cups, and pop them into the freezer. When they’ve hardened up a bit, insert the chews, then return to the freezer. Voila! Happy dog.

Pawesome Cubes

This is an easy way to get that tail going. Put treats, shredded meat, bacon bits, or other goodies in an ice cube tray. Then, add water or sodium-free broth and freeze. Voila! 

Stuffed Kong

Kong toys are extremely popular with our canine pals, as they offer a safe way for Fido to satisfy his urge to chew. One great thing about these is the fact that you can stuff them with different goodies and then freeze them. Some things you can use include canned dog food, plain yogurt, natural peanut butter, sodium-free broth, baby food, ripe bananas, and organic applesauce. Just remember to check ingredients on things like peanut butter or baby food, as they may contain unsafe ingredients.

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