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5 Reasons Not To Take Your Cat To Work
June 15, 2023

June 19th is Take Your Cat To Work Day. Kitties make everything better! Fluffy is great at keeping us calm and helping us cope with stress. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your feline pal will make a very good coworker. Here, a Washington Heights, TX vet lists some reasons why it’s probably best to leave Fluffy home.

Sleeping On The Job

If Fluffy had to write a resume, her number one skill would probably be napping, followed by sleeping, snoozing, relaxing, lounging, and meditation. Your drowsy pet’s commitment to laziness is pretty adorable. It’s hard not to smile seeing a cute furball snoozing peacefully. However, kitties’ napping habits probably aren’t very motivating. You may find yourself dozing off in your chair!

Desk Golf

We’re not quite sure why our feline buddies are so obsessed with knocking things off desks and tables. It may be a form of kitty complaining in some cases, but it’s equally likely that it’s just a way of asking for (or demanding) attention. Whatever the cause, it’s probably not going to be very productive for you to be constantly picking your pens off the floor.

Shoelace Attacks

Fluffy is super playful, which is always fun to watch. However, your co-worker may not be thrilled to find a bright-eyed ball of fur batting at their shoelaces.

Kitty Courtesy (Or Lack Thereof)

Our feline friends definitely live by their own set of rules. One thing Fluffy has no concept of? Boundaries. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for some catastrophes to happen. Your furry little buddy may leave a hairball on your bosses’ desk, steal the manager’s sandwich, use the office plant as a litterbox, or walk across someone’s keyboard.


All jokes aside, it’s also important to remember that cats tend to be homebodies. Fluffy may feel very scared and uneasy in a new spot. There’s also a chance that she could slip out or end up in a dangerous spot. You should only consider bringing your furball in to work with you if your job is at a small, quiet office or store. Otherwise, it’s probably best to just leave your meowing overlord safe and sound, and let her work on her napping skills at home.

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