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Dog Bathing Tips
November 15, 2022
The holidays are around the corner! Many people are already starting their cleaning and decorating. (We’ll leave the debate about pre-Thanksgiving Christmas decorating to others.) Of course, you’ll also want to make sure your canine buddy puts his best paw forward. That means a bath … which is definitely not one of Fido’s favorite things. A local Houston Heights, TX vet offers some dog-bathing advice in this article.

Time It Right

How often Fido should be bathed will depend on what type of coat he has. Some pups require monthly baths, while others only need a few each year. Ask your vet if you aren’t sure what is best. Brushing your furry friend between baths is also important.

Form Pawsitive Impressions

Doggy bathtime will go much more quickly if Fido is on board with the process. Desensitization training will help quite a bit with this. Have your furry pal get into the tub. Then, give him a high-quality snack, like a steak. After that, just let him go. Your canine pal will probably start thinking that maybe the bathtub isn’t so bad after all.

Hack Your Routine

There are a few things you can do to make doggy bathtime a bit easier. Keep all of Fido’s beauty products in one shower caddy. Include a teapot or pitcher for rinsing. You may also want to pick up a clear shower curtain. Cut two slits, about shoulder-width apart. These will become arm holes. That way you can bathe your four-legged friend without getting completely soaked yourself. You may also have heard of the peanut butter hack: spreading PB on your shower wall to distract Fido. If you do this, use a brand without xylitol and clean the shower before and after.

Consider A Groomer

Taking Fido to a groomer allows you to skip the mess, fuss, and hassle of getting Fido into the tub. You get to drop off a dirty pooch and pick up a clean, fresh-smelling one. There are other benefits as well. Groomers have stations that are often easier for large and/or senior dogs to get on and off. Many also offer medical grooming options, which some dogs require, such as anal gland expression. If you suspect that your pup may need medical grooming, ask your vet for specific recommendations. Happy Thanksgiving from us, your local Houston Heights, TX animal hospital. Please call us anytime!