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Adopting A Senior Pet
November 1, 2022
November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! This is one cause that we’re happy to support. Older dogs and cats often have a very hard time getting adopted, as they just can’t compete with kittens and puppies. However, they actually have some wonderful and unique charms, and make great pets. A Houston Heights, TX vet offers some information on adopting senior pets below.

The Numbers

There’s certainly no shortage of older cats and dogs that need loving homes. According to the AVMA, over a quarter of American dogs and cats are age 8 or over. Sadly, far too many of them are in shelters. In some cases, this is just because of simple misfortune: they may have gotten lost, or their owners may be unable to care for them due to illness or hardship. However, sometimes people coldly abandon faithful pets—regardless of how loving and loyal they have been—and trade them in for newer models. This is utterly heartless, especially knowing how attached Fluffy and Fido get to their owners.


There are several reasons to love senior pets. For one thing, they’re much calmer than young animals. Many are remarkably patient with children or other pets. Fluffy will be more interested in napping than in scaling your drapes or smacking things off your coffee table, while Fido will probably be chasing more Z’s than squirrels. Plus, pets in their golden years are usually already trained. Finally, the commitment time is shorter than with kittens and puppies, which can be a big plus to some.

Getting Ready

Have everything ready and waiting before your four-legged friend comes home. When you go shopping, pick products made specifically for senior pets. This may mean getting Fluffy a litter box with low walls, or finding soft toys for Fido. (Thick beds are definitely a must.) You’ll also need to do some petproofing. Although older dogs and cats aren’t as mischievous as kittens and puppies, they still have their moments. Block off unsafe areas, such as fireplaces, stairs, and pools. Ideally, you’ll want to set up a quiet spot for your new buddy, so they can just relax and settle in to their new retirement home. You may melt when your furry pal looks at you with that sweet soulful look older animals often get! As your Houston Heights animal hospital, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Contact us anytime!