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Border Collie Day
November 15, 2023

Border Collie Appreciation Day is November 24th! These very good boys really are amazing dogs. Fido is one of the smartest dogs on the planet. He’s also very active and agile, and can make a wonderful pet for the right person. A Houston Heights, TX vet puts these lovable pups in the spotlight below. 


The Border Collie is medium-sized, rarely growing over about 22 inches at the shoulder. They can live up to 16 years with proper care. These charming pups originated in the area surrounding the Scottish and English border. They are descended from various sheep and herding dogs. However, unlike most other herding dogs, the Border Collie relies less on nipping and chasing, but instead uses his striking stare to direct and herd animals. The pooches are also renowned for their ability to follow very precise commands, including those given verbally and by hand signals. They are wonderful animal companions, but need a lot of training and exercise, and can get into mischief if they get bored or restless.


The Border Collie’s most outstanding feature is his intelligence. They’ve been ranked as the world’s smartest breed in several studies. In fact, the pooch that was officially dubbed the smartest dog in the world—a cute canine named Chaser—was a Border Collie. Fido’s intelligence may even have influenced his name: as it turns out, the word ‘Collie’ may be an old Celtic word for ‘useful.’ If that’s true, it’s certainly fitting!

Record Breakers

Man’s Best Buddy has broken quite a few records. The most adorable one may be the time he made the Guinness Book Of World Records for skipping rope. Then again, the time he broke a world record for most tricks in a minute (28) was also pretty cute. Fido also got together with a bunch of his buddies for another record-breaking moment: this one for the most Border Collies in one spot (576). Another outstanding pooch was able to learn the names of a whopping 40 toys. 

Fame And Fortune

Fido’s fan club includes quite a few famous people, such as Queen Victoria, Jon Bon Jovi, and Tiger Woods, to name a few. Border Collies have also won over the hearts of millions by appearing on the silver screen. Some famous celebrity Border Collies include Bandit from Little House On The Prairie, Murray from Mad About You, and Nana from Snow Dogs

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