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Fluffy’s Golden Years
July 15, 2023

As your feline pal ages, she’ll go through some changes, as we all do. She won’t be as active or playful as she once was, and she’ll probably spend more time napping than making mischief. Your kitty will never stop being the lovable, charming ball of fur she’s always been, but her needs will change a bit. A Washington Heights, TX vet goes over some senior cat care tips in this article.

Adjust Diet Slowly

Cats are technically considered seniors around the age of ten, but many of them are still quite frisky and lively at that age. However, as your pet grows older, she’ll have different nutritional needs. Taurine, while important for all cats, is crucial for seniors. Ask your vet for advice, including tips on switching to a senior formula food.

Monitor Water Intake

Make sure your cat always has fresh, clean water. You may need to set out more than one water station for her. It’s not uncommon for older cats to develop kidney issues. Keep an eye on Fluffy’s water intake. One way to do this is to fill her bowl at the same time each day. If you notice changes in your pet’s thirst or urination, contact your vet.

Take Time To Play

Fluffy won’t be as feisty as she was when she was a kitten, but she’ll still have her frisky moments. Try to play with your furry pal for a few minutes each day. Use toys you control, like a wand toy or laser pointer. Don’t worry about over-tiring her: if she starts to run out of gas, she’ll just quit playing.

Keep Her Comfy

Make sure your feline frrend has easy access to the things she needs, such as food, litter, and, of course, beds. If you have more than one floor in your home, put litterboxes on every level. You may also want to set out pet ramps to help Fluffy jump onto the bed or couch.


While kitties are generally very good about grooming themselves, this is also something that gets harder with time. Brushing your feline pal lightly can help remove dust, fur, and dander from her coat. This is also a good chance to get Fluffy’s motor running, and make her feel loved.

Do you have questions about your senior cat’s health or care? Call us, your local Washington Heights, TX pet hospital, today!