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Keeping Pets Safe At Outdoor Events
May 1, 2023

Houston is gearing up for summer, and events calendars are filling up fast! Many of our canine companions are quite adventurous, and love going to different places with their human pals. Whether you’re planning to hit the Southeast Texas State Fair, the Pasadena Strawberry Festival, or any of the dozens of other events and fairs coming up in our neck of the woods, there are a few things to consider before jangling your car keys before Fido. A Houston Heights, TX vet offers some advice on taking your pooch on adventures in this article. 


First and foremost, not all of our canine pals are well-suited for crowds and commotion. If you aren’t sure how your pet will do, try him out at a smaller event. If Fido is in any way reactive or aggressive, he’s just not going to be a good match for busy events. Keep him home, and bring him back a doggy bag or a new toy as a consolation prize.


Make sure your furry buddy has a strong, solid leash or harness, something he can’t slip out of. Harnesses are generally more comfortable. As far as leashes go, a fair or festival may not be the best place for a retractable one. With so many people around, Fido could get tangled up around a person, another dog, or something like a food cart. 


Many festivals have outdoor faucets. Most have water stands, but you may find yourself paying exorbitant prices. This type of event is perfect for bringing collapsible plastic trays along. A bandana is a good thing to bring along on hot days: soak it in water and hang it around Fido’s neck.


This is important advice in general, but it’s especially important when taking your canine buddy out of your home. Make sure that Fido is microchipped and wearing ID tags. You may want to consider getting him a GPS-collar. 

Bonus: Pride

Headed to a Pride event? Your furry friend may look extra adorable sporting a rainbow bandana or collar. Just don’t put too much gear on Fido when it’s hot out. He may also be frightened by more flamboyant costumes. Watch for signs that your pup is getting nervous. If he seems uneasy, take him home.

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