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If Dogs Had Thumbs Day
March 1, 2023

March 3rd is a pretty fun pet holiday: it’s If Pets Had Thumbs Day! Our canine companions definitely have a lust for life, and want to pack as much fun as possible into every day. Fido would probably get into all sorts of shenanigans if he were to wake up with thumbs. A local Washington Heights, TX vet suggests a few things your pup may do in this article.

Cupboard Raid

If there’s one thing our canine friends are unanimously enthusiastic about, it’s food. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to expect that Fido would not only raid your cupboards, but also your pantry, fridge, and freezer. You’d probably come home to find a huge mess … and your pooch sleeping that food coma off on your bed.

Itch Scratching

It’s always cute when dogs close their eyes in bliss when we get those itchies for them. Fido would be thrilled to be able to reach that trouble spot more easily. He may experiment with using rulers, hangers, forks, and barbeque tongs to see what works best.

Outdoor Sports

It’s probably safe to say that hunting and fishing would be on the agenda. Is that cute squirrel in the yard constantly taunting your canine pal? That squirrel may decide to relocate to another neighborhood if Fido were able to throw rocks or cans at it. 


Many pups love going on car rides. Fido would be over the moon if he could drive himself around! A few stops on your furry best friend’s agenda? He’d probably go pick up that cute poodle down the road, and then head to his favorite park or pet-friendly restaurant.

Food Delivery

Delivery service is definitely one of the small luxuries we all appreciate. Man’s Best Friend would be thrilled to be able to order himself a pizza. And some burgers. And a steak dinner. And perhaps some sushi.

Online Shopping

If Fido figured out how to use Amazon, you may very well come home to find your porch piled high with packages, and your bank account drained. As to what would be in those boxes? Steaks, toys, beds, treats, and a ridiculous amount of tennis balls! Your furry pal may also order a trebuchet to aim at that squirrel.

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