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Zap Flea Infestations

active-adorable-animal-1485637 Zap Flea Infestations

Fido is scratching like there’s no tomorrow so you sit him down and check his fur. Sure enough, there they are. Fleas! Those little disease-spreading critters are all over the place. Quick! Follow these steps to zap that flea infestation ASAP.

Treat Your Pet

The sooner you tackle an infestation, the better. Fleas multiply like rabbits and can produce as many as 600 offspring in one month. A flea’s life cycle can be anywhere from 12 days to 174 days depending on the weather. Fleas generally thrive in warm temperatures so keep that in mind if you have a summer infestation. Use a fast-acting treatment to begin killing fleas. Some products can start working in as little as thirty minutes. Awesome, right? Contact your vet to determine what treatment they recommend.

Kill Fleas in Home and Yard

Remove fleas from your home by vacuuming all carpets, rugs and furniture and sweeping floors. Fog your house for good measure. Some foggers are effective up to seven months which is long enough to kill fleas in all states of life. Spray your yard and premises with a product like Advantage. This will kill the fleas in the yard and prevent them from coming into your home on your shoes, pet, or clothing.

Clean Like Crazy

Doing a thorough cleaning inside your home will help get the eggs, larvae, and pupae out of your house. Fleas love dark spaces so be sure to vacuum out the baseboards and all other hard-to-reach-areas. Remember to toss the vacuum bags. If you’re using a bagless unit (because who uses bags anymore), give that thing a good washing. Wash all pet beds, clothing, and toys. If the toys can’t be washed, toss them. Fido would probably be stoked to get some new goodies anyway.

Prevent! Prevent! Prevent!

Unless you want to do the above all over again, get your pet on flea preventatives ASAP. Talk to your vet about which one would work best for your fur baby.

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