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Top 5 Pet Travel Products

Onepixel_1683758-copy Top 5 Pet Travel Products

It’s the time of year for fun family get togethers and lots of holiday travel! Here are a few purrfect pet products that will make traveling with your pet safe and easy.

Safety LeadsVastar makes amazing adjustable car seat safety belt leads. The 2-pack of leads adjust from 12”-27” and clip right into the seat belt itself. Super easy especially if you have a squirmy pet.

Car Seat – The Snoozer® Lookout Pet Car Seat is perfect for that pet who likes to look out the window. It’s sherpa-covered seat elevates your pet up 7 inches so they can comfortably see what’s going on outside the vehicle. In addition to safely restraining your pet, the seat can also help alleviate car sickness.

FeedingGamma2 Travel-tainer Complete Pet Feeding System makes munching on the road a breeze. This heavy duty BPA food grade container can store up to 6 cups of food and includes two 3-cup bowls for serving up food and water. It’s all held together with the convenient carrying handle. The container is airtight so you don’t have to worry about stale eats or creepy critters.

Kennel – There are lots of good reasons to have a kennel on hand when you’re traveling. Perhaps your pooch is still working on house training and you don’t want to wreck Grandma’s carpet or maybe Fido needs a break from all the rambunctious cousins. The Midwest iCrate Double Door Folding Dog Crate comes in a variety of sizes and can be folded up for easy travel and storage. It even comes with a handle for smooth transport.

First Aid Kit – You never know what can happen on a trip so it’s always best to be prepared. Having something like Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit can cover most non-life threatening issues. In addition to the well-stocked kit, this product includes a Pet First Aid Guide to walk you through everything from choking to bites.

Safe travels! Visit our blog for more pet-friendly articles. 



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