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To Chip Or Not To Chip

lostdog To Chip Or Not To Chip

Did you know that one in three pets will become lost at some point in their life? Microchipping increases your fur baby’s chances by over 200%. Still on the fence? Check out the following chip stats.

  • The AHA (American Humane Association) estimates that over 10 million cats and dogs are lost or stolen each year in the U.S.
  • Per a study in the American Veterinary Medical Association, only 22% of non-microchipped dogs were reunited with their families
  • Less than 2% of non-microchipped cats were returned to their homes 
  • Of those that were microchipped, only 58% had been registered in a database with their parent’s contact information

The Corner Vet® can place an international microchip to permanently identify your pet during an office visit. The procedure is safe, quick and requires no sedation. We can also scan your pet to identify previously placed microchips.

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