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Treats for Healthy Teeth

nature-animal-dog-playing Treats for Healthy Teeth

Tasty and Healthy Dog Treats!

Dental care doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, taking care of their chompers can be a lot of fun for pets with the right tools. Here are a few tasty and healthy dog treats that will entertain your pet AND keep their teeth and gums healthy. 

Rubber toys like KONG’s Dental Stick can be great for reducing plaque and food particles from your pet’s teeth. Many of these toys can be filled with treats to increase chew (and play) time. 

Fresh fruits and veggies like raw carrots and seedless apple slices provide oodles of vitamins and nutrients while polishing up your pet’s pearly whites.

Most pets love gnawing on bully sticks like Dentley’s Natural Small Rawhide Twists. Chewing helps gently scrape away plaque build up and debris. 

Enzymatic dental chews are great for breaking down tartar and protecting teeth from future build up. These are particularly great for pets who don’t care for the whole brushing thing. The Corner Vet® carries enzymatic chews, toothpaste, and water additive. Ask us about them during your next visit!

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