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Christina is our receptionist at The Corner Vet – Haltom City. She has been here since the beginning of August and she’s so happy to be working with a great team at an amazing practice! This is her third year as a veterinary receptionist. She loves being the first face that clients see when they walk in the door, and being able to greet their adorable fur babies! Christina’s goal is to move up in the veterinary field and become a veterinary technician/assistant. She loves working with animals and making sure they receive the care that they deserve. She’s been the proud owner of a number of animals since she was a child. These include fish, gerbils, cats, dogs, and reptiles. She also used to foster Boxers! Christina currently owns an 8 year old Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix name Spunky, and a 3 year old bearded dragon named Billie. Spunky is the sweetest Chihuahua and also the biggest lap dog! If you’re sitting down and you have an empty lap, Spunky will be there in a second to keep your lap warm and demand pets and cuddles. Billie is a super chill bearded dragon, and will fall asleep on your shoulder if you’re holding him. Christina says owning pets and taking care of different types of animals over the years has changed her and made her wish that she could rescue and own them all. She feels very lucky to be able to do what she does, and to have gained so much knowledge since entering the field.