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Save on Preventatives

adorable-animal-breed-356378 Save on Preventatives

Remembering to give your pet their heartworm medication can be a real pain in the rump. That’s why we’re so excited to be offering ProHeart 6 heartworm injection! 

ProHeart 6 is an injection administered at The Corner Vet every six months which fully protects your pet for a full six months.  Most people find one injection much easier to remember (we will remind you) than trying to remember to give one dose of heartworm medication at home once per month.  ProHeart only prevents heart worms so you must pair ProHeart with a flea preventative too. 


Get $10 off the purchase of 6 months of flea prevention when purchased in conjunction with a ProHeart 6 heartworm injection.  In addition to the discount we provide on the flea preventative, there are two manufacturer incentives available.

ProHeart – Receive Zoetis reward points worth $5 with the first ProHeart injection and $10 with the second ProHeart injection.  Zoetis rewards points can be used like cash during your next veterinary clinic visit (please visit the Zoetis web site to register and for further information).

Bravecto – Receive a rebate of $15 with purchase of a 6 month supply (two boxes) of Bravecto.  With our extra $10 discount that means you can save $25 off the purchase of 6 months of Bravecto (rebate available on Merck’s web site).



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