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Puzzle Bowl Benefits

000047-0071-001467 Puzzle Bowl Benefits

Puzzle feeder bowls aren’t just for your dog’s mental stimulation. Puzzle feeders can help improve digestion, eating habits and unwanted mealtime behavior. Read below to see how puzzle feeders can make eating healthier and fun!

Why puzzle bowls?

Prone to Bloat
Some dog breeds experience more digestive issues than others. Breeds like Boxers, Great Danes and Terriers tend to experience more bloating which can reduce blood flow to the heart, put pressure on organs and even tear the stomach. Puzzle bowls help reduce the likelihood of bloat.

Speed Gobbler
Some dogs go at their food as if it’s the one and only meal they’ve had all year. They eat so fast that they inhale air along with their food. This upsets their stomach and they throw up. A puzzle feeder can slow them down so that they can digest their meal properly.

Food Thief
Does your dog gobble their food down in a hurry so that they can then finish off their sibling’s? If so, a puzzle bowl will slow the food thief down and make everyone happy … especially their sibling. 

Bored Eater
A puzzle feeder can be great for dogs that enjoy a bit of a challenge at mealtime. You can add their food and perhaps hide a low-calorie treat in a hard-to-reach area of the feeder to make mealtime more fun.

You can start with a basic puzzle feeder to see how your dog reacts. If your pooch seems to enjoy the mental exercise, you can always graduate to a more difficult bowl. 

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