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Protect Your Babies from Rabies!

iStock_000030917310_Large-1 Protect Your Babies from Rabies!

Prevent this fatal disease with a simple vaccination

Chances are you don’t think about the rabies virus much—after all, most dogs and cats are vaccinated and because of that, the disease is not as common or widespread as it once was.

However, rabies is still present all over the world, including in our state where cases are reported regularly. It’s also still as deadly as ever: rabies is 99.95% fatal if not treated.

Fortunately, it is fairly simple and inexpensive to keep your pets and your family safe: make sure your pets—including those living primarily indoors—are vaccinated! Common carriers of the disease include skunks, raccoons and foxes, and bats, which can easily make their way into your yard and inside a house.

Another good reason to vaccinate? Rabies shots are legally required in Texas for all dogs and cats over four months of age.

If you need to get your pet vaccinated or have questions about rabies, we are here to help. Call us or request an appointment online at a location near you today!

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