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Pressure Therapy

animals-bed-calm-57627-2 Pressure Therapy

Give your pet a hug with pressure therapy.

People aren’t the only ones that experience stress amidst big life changes. Any big change in routine can cause separation anxiety in pets.  It’s estimated that 20% of the 80 million dogs in the country are actually affected by separation anxiety. That number actually goes up with senior dogs – up to 29-50% are affected. This goes for rescue pets as well that have experienced abandonment.

Signs of Stress

Signs that your pet is experiencing stress include improper urination or defecation in the house that’s not associated with puppy or kitten training, excessive barking or howling and excessive chewing or destructive behavior in the home.

How Pressure Therapy Works

In conjunction to other options for easing separation anxiety, pressure therapy can be very helpful in calming your pet in times of stress. Pressure therapy promotes a sensation of being hugged, cuddled or held that relaxes most pets.

Pressure Therapy Products

There are a variety of products on the market including the Anxiety Wrap and the Thundershirt which includes a “Thunder Patch” for those who want to incorporate a calming pheromone

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