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Pool Safety for Dogs

mon005061 Pool Safety for Dogs

Summertime is here! Make the most of the dog days of summer by barbecuing and relaxing by the pool. Here are a few pool safety tips for dogs to ensure both you and your pet enjoy a fun and safe summer!

Pool prep…Make sure your dog can swim (duh). Despite common misconceptions, breed does NOT guarantee that your pooch will be a ‘water dog’. Before jumping into deep waters, practice in the shallow end of the pool where you can readily assist your pet if they need help. Show them the pool stairs and practice exiting the pool so that they know which way to go to get out. Ramps can also be installed for easy exiting.

Invest in a vest…Dog life vests are important for several reasons. In the pool or at the lake, life vests keep your pet afloat in cases of emergency or overexertion. Look for a vest that is brightly colored, fits properly, and strong handles that will allow you to lift your pet out of the water. 

Beat the heat….Keep your dog nice and hydrated by placing fresh water in your pool area for them to drink. Chilled bowls can keep your dog’s water cooler longer in hot weather. Use an umbrella to create a shady spot for your pet to chill out when they’re lounging poolside.

Chemical safety…Keep pool chemicals in a safe area away from your pets. Don’t let your dog drink pool water as chlorine can give them an upset tummy. When pool time is over, rinse your fuzzy buddy off with clean water to remove skin-irritating chemicals.

CPR savvy…Pets are just as susceptible to accidental drowning as people. Take a pet first aid class to make sure you know what to do in case of an emergency. 

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