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Good Dental Health

smile Good Dental Health

Follow these tips for better pet dental health!

As pet owners, sometimes we forget that good dental health is just as important for our furry family members as it is for us. Good dental care prevents tooth decay, heart problems caused by mobile bacteria, liver infections, appetite issues, and bone infections, all of which are painful and very expensive to treat. By following an easy dental care regime, you can help your pet maintain good dental hygiene. 

Here are a few tips!

Chew time! Products like knucklebones and artificial bones can give your pets therapeutic chew time as well as get rid of tartar build up. Avoid hard bones from steaks, ham, etc. as they can fracture teeth. Look for products that are VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) approved. 

Brush away! Pet toothbrushes have come a long way. For better control, use a finger toothbrush that has soft rubber bristles at the tip. While some pets are awesome at slobbering, they aren’t so good at spitting. Be sure to choose pet toothpaste that’s safe for your pet to swallow. 

Visit the vet! As with people, pets require checkups and cleanings to ensure dental good dental health. By keeping up with your regular checkups, you and your vet can keep tabs on your pet’s dental health. 

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