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NEW! Dental Services

1 NEW! Dental Services

Affordable Pet Dental Care at Select Locations!

The Corner Vet® is proud to announce that we will be offering affordable dental cleanings and oral surgery in our Dallas-Forth Worth market. Surgeries are being performed at our Haltom City location to support both our Haltom City and Arlington patients. Read below to find out more about our NEW pet dental care services. 

What’s included…

All of our surgical procedures include pre-anesthetic bloodwork.  For our dental procedures, we perform full mouth dental x-rays to evaluate for dental disease (most commonly Periodontal Disease) that would otherwise go undetected and therefore untreated leading to infection, bone loss, and eventually tooth loss.  This entire process is very painful for the pet and preventable with regular dental home care and yearly professional dental cleanings (same as people).  We also perform thorough oral assessment and dental charting, noting depth of existing gingival pockets, any missing, loose, fractured, extra, or abnormal teeth. Surrounding soft tissues in the mouth will be checked for masses, gum tissue abnormalities, or signs of infection. Our Surgery Team is Fear Free Certified, which promotes a smooth, low-stress recovery following any procedure by making their experience with our team a positive one.


Dentistry is a large part of wellness and routine care in pets.  Commonly by the time we first see a pet for a dental cleaning, they are already at an advanced stage of dental disease and require much more than just cleaning due to amount of infection and bone loss surrounding the teeth.  Advanced periodontal disease can and does lead to other systemic pathology, such as heart, liver and kidney damage.

It is extremely important to implement an at-home care dental regimen beginning at puppy and kitten stages along with routine dental cleanings (prophylaxis) beginning as young as 1 to 2 years of age, as some degree of periodontal disease is seen in most cats and dogs by 3 years of age. 

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and many veterinarians offer discounts. We have priced our services at a very low introductory pricing level so our prices are already discounted.

Call The Corner Vet® today for a quote! 

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