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Best Pet Bakeries in Texas

dogbakery Best Pet Bakeries in Texas

Tasty Texas Pet Bakeries!

Our pets love delicious home-baked treats just as much as we do and several entrepreneurs in Texas have stepped up to the plate to meet the demand. Here are a few of our favorite Texas pet bakeries (or bark-eries)!

Lucky Dog Barkery

Catering specifically to dogs, Lucky Dog Barkery features delicious-looking treats along with an impressive toy selection, cozy beds, and very fashionable collars and apparel. The ‘barkery’ is located in Dallas, Texas. Check out their video for a taste of what they offer. Per their website, humans are welcome to tag along.

Doggie Express

Treat your furry pal without having to leave the house! Along with their goods being sold in several retail locations, Doggie Express sends drool-worthy treats such as Bacon Woofins right to your front door. Is Fido’s birthday? Doggie Express has you covered with “Bones Day” birthday cakes. Your pet will have a new appreciation for the mail man.

Three Dog Bakery

Baking goodies since 1989,  Three Dog Bakery is located in Fort Worth, Texas, and offers an amazing selection of all kinds of creative dog treats. When they first rescued their pup, Gracie, they found that her tummy was too sensitive for the available store-bought treats. So they did the logical thing and started making homemade yummies. They have been baking ever since. Despite their name, they also make delicious tidbits for feline friends.

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