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Non-Well Care

Surgery: Spay/Neuter and Small Mass Removal

The Corner Vet® performs routine soft tissue surgeries such as spays, neuters, and mass removals. Our number one concern is your pet’s health and safety so we follow guidelines established by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to ensure your pet is receiving the very best surgical care.  Our anesthesia protocol is tailored to your pet and designed to provide the safest intra-operative care by using top of line patient monitoring equipment measuring heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature throughout the surgical procedure.  We also deliver warmed IV fluids to maintain blood pressure vital to internal organs and use the safest maintenance anesthesia that allows for a quick recovery.  Spay and Neutering is recommended not just for population control but also improves the health of your best friend and leads to a longer, healthier life. Dogs and cats commonly develop small masses under the skin which can be felt during examination. The Corner Vet® surgical team can remove these growths, and send them to a pathologist if the mass appears malignant.
** Service not available at all locations.

Gastrointestinal Issues

As any pet parent knows, dogs and cats sometimes have vomiting and/or diarrhea. Most often the cause is something minor and can be easily treated, but sometimes it is an indication of something more severe. The Corner Vet® has the in-house diagnostic tools to diagnose and treat your pet quickly.

Ear Infections

Pets often have problems with their ears which include ear infections, ear mites, red, swollen, and inflamed ears, fungus, excess moisture and oozing ears. It is important to catch these issues quickly because dogs and cats tend to start scratching their ears when they become irritated or infected and then your furry friend causes a secondary problem that leads to more treatment and costlier bills. The Corner Vet® doctors can help diagnose and treat almost any ear problem you are confronted with.

Allergies: Scratching, Licking, Chewing

Similar to humans, animals are born with or can develop various types of allergies.  This will lead to unwanted behaviors such as excessive scratching, chewing, and nervousness.  Your Corner Vet veterinarian can help you control these allergies and make life much better for both you and your pet.

Skin Issues

Scratching, chewing, licking, shaking the head and ears, scabs, raw spots, skin discoloration, rashes and / or bumps can all be signs of skin disease.  These symptoms are often accompanied by considerable discomfort for your pet, so our goal is to get your pet comfortable as quickly and economically as possible.  Our veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s medical history and by performing a thorough physical examination will assess the root cause of the problem.

After examining your pet, swabs, scrapings or fine-needle samples of the affected areas may be taken for evaluation to find the cause(s) for your pet’s discomfort and / or abnormal appearance.  Oral and/or topical medications may be dispensed to decrease itching, reduce discomfort and heal the skin.

Dental Cleanings and Dental Surgery **

Dogs and cats need oral hygiene just like humans. Most pet owners don’t brush their pet’s teeth, so an annual teeth cleaning is even more vital that in humans. The Corner Vet® has very affordable dental cleaning packages available to allow our clients to get annual cleanings for their dog and cat. The Corner Vet® can also perform dental surgery to remove infected teeth.

Our packages start at $245 and include everything, including the pre-anesthesia examination, the pre-anesthesia blood work to ensure your pet can safely go under anesthesia, the x-rays, and the cleaning and polishing. Most veterinary practices do not include all items in their prices often leaving the bloodwork and x-rays out of their advertised price. When those are added in, their seemingly low price becomes a total of $400-600.
** Service not available at all locations.

Lethargic or Not Eating

A lethargic pet can be many things and can only be properly assessed with a thorough physical examination and likely some diagnostic testing. The Corner Vet® has the tools available to help get to the cause of the scary symptom.


As our pets age they can have trouble getting up or walking around. They may appear slow, lethargic, or in pain. The problem could be joint problems, muscular, arthritis, or simply pain coming from another root cause. The Corner Vet® veterinarians can assess your pet’s symptoms and come up with a plan to help them and improve their lifestyle.


Did you know that often unwanted behaviors are caused by an underlying medical condition? For example, pet’s going thorough anxiety often over eat, are destructive, or have bathroom accidents in the house. The solution for these seemingly bad behaviors is often very simple where with some helpful information from the doctor and working together to determine the cause of your pet’s behavior can lead to a successful outcome.  We can also recommend dietary supplements or even medications in some cases.

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