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New Years Safety

Onepixel_1781818-copy New Years Safety

New Year’s Eve is here and we are all geared up to do some major celebrating! Here are a few tips to ensure that your pets enjoy a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.

Get Pooped Before the Party
Enjoy a long walk or good game of fetch with your pets during the day before the festivities begin. A tired pet will be less wound up and more likely to sleep better in the evening.

Indoors Fun
Pets can become frightened at the sound of fireworks, banging pots and pans, and gunshots (yes, some of us have those neighbors). Keeping pets indoors in a quiet room with soothing music or a familiar TV show will help keep them calm during the festivities.

Secure the Outdoors
Make sure your fences and gates are secure if you plan on having your pets outside. If you bring your pet to an outdoors event, be sure to have your pet in your control with a good fitting harness and collar as loud noises and crowds can cause your normally mellow pooch to bolt.

Prepare for Fright
Loud noises can be extremely stressful for some pets. If your pet has a hard time with loud noises, talk to your vet about medications if they need extra support for their anxiety. Pressure therapy in the form of a Thundershirt can also be a great help. 

No Escape
Put up signs on doors to remind your guests that all exit doors need to be kept closed so that Fido and Fluffy don’t get out.

Pets Need Not Imbibe
Remind guests not give pets alcohol or feed them party snacks. Some treats, especially rich ones, can give your pet a tummy ache.

Check In
Visit your pets often and reassure them that everything is okay. Spend a few minutes with them for a bit of cuddling and a cookie bone. 

Enjoy a safe and happy New Year!

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