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NEW! Spay and Neuter Services in DFW and Houston

Onepixel_3237879-copy NEW! Spay and Neuter Services in DFW and Houston

The Corner Vet® is pleased to announce that we now offer spay and neuter surgery in the Houston market.  In keeping with our tradition,The Corner Vet® has paired the highest quality service with an affordable price.  Our cat packages start at $135 and our dog packages at $199 and include everything (blood work, pain medications, e-Collar).  Although you can find lower prices for spay and neuter services, the low-cost options don’t offer the high level of surgical care and ultra-safe surgical protocols offered by The Corner Vet®.  For just a little higher price, you can have individualized care for your pet.

Low-cost spay and neuter surgery done at high-volume, production-oriented surgery clinics is a completely different experience.  Often that style of surgery is done with injectable anesthesia only, and no anesthetic gas is delivered to ensure the patient remains in a smooth plane of anesthesia nor are IV fluids administered.  Although this meets the minimum standards in the veterinary industry, it does pose higher risks.

Our surgical process uses the safest protocols, more expensive medications, more expensive anesthesia, and the most up to date and modern surgical technology & methods.  All of this is intended to be less stressful for your pet.

Our package pricing includes:

  • Pre-surgical physical examination
  • Pre-surgical blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough for the surgery and also will recover well from the surgery.
  • We intubate (breathing tubes) ALL patients and administer IV catheters for IV access.
  • We provide “warmed” IV fluids during surgery to ALL patients to ensure safety and prevent hypothermia; we also provide external heating through warm air blankets.
  • We monitor all vital signs with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment.
  • We use the safest anesthesia. Although costly to us, the additional safety for the patient makes it more than worth it for us as it allows for a much quicker, healthier recovery post operatively.

We provide your pet the safest, and best surgical experience at an affordable price. During February we are offering 10% off our package prices to celebrate the launch of this new service.  Call us today for further information. 

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