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NEW! Dental Cleanings and Surgeries in Houston

Onepixel_1181991-copy NEW! Dental Cleanings and Surgeries in Houston

The Corner Vet® is pleased to announce that we have launched dental cleanings and dental surgery in Houston and during February we are offering 10% off our already low package pricing to celebrate our new service.  Dental cleanings are just as necessary for our furry family members as they are for humans. In fact, since most of us don’t brush our pet’s teeth every day, dental cleanings are even more necessary for pets! Our dental packages include everything.  Most prices quoted in the marketplace leave out expensive “add-ons” such as the blood screening and X-rays which, once added, take the bill to $400-600.

Our package pricing is $245 for patients 25 lbs. or less and a little more for larger dogs.  Our package includes:

  • Pre-procedure physical examination
  • Pre-procedure blood work to ensure that your pet can safely undergo anesthesia and recover
  • Dental cleaning with ultrasonic scaler, assessment and treatment of any areas of concern, and polishing of all teeth with state-of-the-art dental equipment
  • Full dental X-rays to look for problems that are hidden to the eye and can become big health problems (many veterinarians don’t offer X-rays and those that do often price them separately)
  • Communication with you during the process to advise you of any issues detected during the cleaning or X-rays
  • Full anesthesia, intubation (breathing tube), warmed IV solution, and constant monitoring of all vital organs and vital signs.

Call to schedule a dental cleaning and get 10% off in February.

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