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National Siamese Cat Day

adorable-animal-blur-326875 National Siamese Cat Day

Siamese Cat Facts

Known for their striking blue eyes and large, pointy ears, Siamese cats are so cool they actually have their own national holiday. April 6th is National Siamese Cat Day. Here are a few interesting facts about these stunning creatures.

They originated in Thailand

Their name came from “Siam”, Thailand’s former name. Siamese cats were a favorite pet of royal families in ancient times due to their unusual appearance. The cats were held in such high regard that it was a common belief that when a family member passed, the cat would receive the soul of the deceased. The cat would then spend the rest of their days in a life of luxury complete with servants and temples.

New to the United States

Siamese didn’t make their debut in the States until the late 19th century. One of the first Siamese cat owners on record was First Lady Lucy Hayes. She received the cat as a gift from David B. Sickels, a U.S. diplomat working in Thailand.

They talk a lot 

Siamese cats are major chatterboxes. They like to tell you what they think and you’d better listen.

Family-oriented felines 

Siamese like being around their loved ones and enjoy cuddle time and attention. They love their family so much, in fact, that they tend to get depressed if they don’t get the attention they need. If you have a Siamese, but are prone to long hours at work, you may consider getting two Siamese cats to keep each other company while you’re away.

They like to exercise 

These intelligent and lithe cats enjoy being active. To ensure they get the exercise they crave, try giving them a few ping pong balls to bat around or set up a bubble machine with catnip-scented bubbles.

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