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Membership Program

For $119 per year, Members get:

  • Unlimited examinations and office visits for one full year
    at no additional cost.
  • 25% off Telemedicine visits
  • One free Nail Trim on the day you sign up (a $15 value)
  • Unlimited Nail Trims for $5 off (regularly $15)
  • $20 off all Wellness Packages
  • $20 off Dental Cleaning Packages
  • $20 off all Spay/Neuter Packages
  • $10 off Prevention when a member buys six months of
    heartworm and six months of flea/tick meds at the same time. Plus, you keep the manufacturers’ rebates!

The Corner Vet is pleased to announce our PetSential™ Membership Program. The core element of our program is free office visits and free examinations by the veterinarian for an entire year.

Not only are the exam and office visit free, you will get many additional discounts on wellness packages, surgery, dental services, and heartworm and flea prevention.

How long does my PetSential™ Membership plan last?
The membership plan lasts for one year after purchase. You will need to renew it every year.

Does one Membership cover all my pets?
No. The PetSential™ Membership plan is on a per pet basis. Each pet must have their own annual Membership plan.

The Membership plan provides unlimited examinations and office visits for free.  Does that mean my entire appointment will be free?
No. The charge for pet examinations by the veterinarian and office visits will be zero.  Other services, procedures, tests and products will be normal everyday pricing.

Is this pet insurance?
No, our Membership plan is not insurance. It is a program that provides outstanding value and discounts on the services and products our customers use most. What you get is peace of mind of knowing that you have unlimited free exams for a year plus you get discounts on our packages and heartworm and flea prevention.