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Litter Box Savvy

Untitled-design-2019-04-30T192734.834 Litter Box Savvy

Sometimes, no matter how often we scoop, our purr baby’s litter box still funks up the house. Follow these tips to keep your litter box fresh, clean, and funk free!

Baking Soda
While you may like scented kitty litter, your cat probably won’t. Keep litter smelling fresh by sprinkling baking soda beneath the litter. You can experiment with baking soda amounts as you go.

Wash The Box
In addition to scooping your cat’s box twice a day, you should give the litter box a good washing once a week before adding fresh litter. This will get rid of any lingering odors.

Annual Swap
Litter boxes get worn down from daily use. Your kitty scrapes the plastic with its nails which create little crevices perfect for harboring and breeding bacteria. Get a new litter box every year to keep things bacteria free. Make sure it’s similar to your old one so your cat will take to it.  

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