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Inspiring Future Vets

mon146034 Inspiring Future Vets

Sharing the Wonderful World of Veterinary Medicine

On March 21st, our Regional Manager, Tonya Morrison, gave a presentation regarding veterinary medicine to Pegasus School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a K-12 school that focuses on experiential learning. They serve at risk, title one youth, and provide a well-rounded education through hands-on learning. Part of this learning is providing students an exciting career day that allows them to dream big.

“Today I gave a presentation to a 4th grade class at Pegasus Charter School in Dallas. The subject, Veterinary Medicine, Is It For You? appealed to the class and was well received. There were 6 students at the beginning of the class with an interest in Vet Med, and eleven at the end of the presentation! The students remained engaged throughout and asked considerable questions. I genuinely enjoyed educating our youth about the wonderful world of veterinary medicine, and the great need for future vets.”

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