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Doggie Beach Tips

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Summertime means loads of family fun in the sun, which of course includes our fur babies! Beach time will give Fido loads of opportunities to kick run around in the ocean waves and kick back in the sand. Follow these dog-friendly tips to keep your pooch safe during beach vacations.

Unleashed Dogs
Some places allow dogs to run around unleashed. Even the most friendly and docile dogs can change their tune when approached by a strange pooch. Check the rules prior to leaving for your trip.

Speaking of Leashes
There are loads of distractions at the beach. The temptation to chase seagulls and other dogs can be than your normally well-behaved dog can handle. Use a long leash and harness to give your dog some room to roam while keeping them safe.

Sand Temps
Hot sand can result in burned puppy paws. Test out the sand temperatures with your own bare feet before letting your dog on it. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog. If the sand is hot, carry your dog to a shaded or wet area or put on some dog booties. Be sure to check your pet’s paws regularly while at the beach to check for irritations from sand, critters, and salt water.

Keep ‘em Cool
Be sure to give your pooch lots of shade and water to keep them well-hydrated and cool in the sunny weather. Give them a spot with you under the umbrella or bring them their own temporary shade. Cooling pads can also be very effective in keeping your pet cool. Watch for signs of sun of heat stroke including panting, poor coordination, and dizziness. If your dog experiences any of these signs, take them to your local vet immediately.

All About the SPF
If your dog has a short coat or just got their summer shave, be sure to apply a chemical-free sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF. As with people, you’ll need to reapply if your dog goes for a dip in the water.

Rinse ‘em Off
Sand and salt water can irritate your pup’s skin. Give them a good wash with dog shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Wash, rinse, and repeat for good measure.

Follow these rules for an awesome trip to the beach with your fur baby! Check out our blog for more good pet tips.


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