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Dog Walking Tips

4k-wallpaper-adorable-animal-1249208 Dog Walking Tips

January is National Walk Your Dog Month! Follow these tips to make walking an enjoyable activity for both you and your pooch.

Be The Leader

Does your dog pull on the leash or try to run out ahead of your? Walk in front of your dog so that they see you as the leader. Keep them close by your side during the walk.

A Short Leash

Using a short leash gives you more control and allows you to effectively guide your pet during the walk. A great product to start with is Kong’s Comfort Traffic leash which features an extra handle closer to your dog that allows you to keep Fido close.

Allocate Enough Time

Depending on your dog’s breed, you should schedule about thirty minutes to an hour a day for a proper walk. If your dog is small or elderly and tires easily, you may want to reduce the duration of the walk. Consult your vet if you’re not certain.

Fork Over the Rewards

Once the walk is over, let your pooch explore the area and sniff around for a bit. Reward them with a biscuit if they are treat motivated.

Be Prepared

Here are a few things that will make daily walks more comfy and efficient for both you and your pet:

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy bonding with your fur baby!

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