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Change a Pet’s Life

adorable-animal-canine-1453479 Change a Pet’s Life

January 24 is National Change a Pet’s Life Day! Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters each year, according to ASPCA. Around 3.2 million are adopted which leaves millions more in need of a forever home. From adoption to donating, here are a few tips you can use to make a positive change in a fur baby’s life.

Provide a Forever Home
Are you ready to expand your family to include a little fuzzy buddy of your own? Adopting a pet or encouraging others to adopt can have a huge impact on pets in need of rescuing. Rescuing a pet also helps open up spots in shelters for other pets in need of assistance.

Want to help on a short-term basis? Fostering a pet that needs a safe and calm environment until they find a forever home can help them get acclimated to being around people, children, and other pets. This provides a safe place for them to let their true colors shine which can help ensure a proper fit for a forever home.

Reach out to your local shelter to see if they are planning a Change a Pet’s Life event to encourage adoptions such as reduced costs, fundraisers, etc. If not, ask if you can volunteer your time and services to help out a pet in need.

Sponsor a Fur Baby
A lot of shelters offer sponsorship opportunities. You can help by covering the cost of food, medical costs, or adoption fees so that another family may be able to provide a loving home.

The majority of shelters are non-profits and rely on donations to continue their operations. Your charitable contribution can help ensure that the dogs and cats receive medical care, vaccinations, food, and anything else they need to stay healthy while they wait to start a new life a forever home. Some shelters also accept food and bedding donations. Reach out to your local shelters to how you can help. Every little bit counts!

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