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Essential Oils Safety
Essential oils and pet safety.  Essential oils are being used in homes more now than ever before and, as with
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National Siamese Cat Day
Siamese Cat Facts Known for their striking blue eyes and large, pointy ears, Siamese cats are so cool they actually
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Heartworm Prevention
Protect Your Pets With Heartworm Prevention April is National Heartworm Awareness Month. Heartworm is a serious disease, but preventable disease.
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Inspiring Future Vets
Sharing the Wonderful World of Veterinary Medicine On March 21st, our Regional Manager, Tonya Morrison, gave a presentation regarding veterinary
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Treats for Healthy Teeth
Tasty and Healthy Dog Treats! Dental care doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, taking care of their chompers can
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NEW! Dental Services
Affordable Pet Dental Care at Select Locations! The Corner Vet® is proud to announce that we will be offering affordable dental cleanings
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Soft Tissue Surgeries
  Affordable Soft Tissue Surgeries! The Corner Vet® is proud to announce that we will be offering affordable soft tissue surgeries ( spay,
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Treat Excessive Barking
Banish the Bark, Not the Dog! It’s normal and healthy for dogs to bark. But, like people, there are times
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