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Regular Cat Check Ups

Regular Cat Check Ups

We are all about preventative care here at The Corner Vet and cats are in just as much need of an annual visit as dogs are.  A low-cost physical exam is great insurance to help avoid more costly procedures when issues are not caught at an early stage. 

What We Do
Regular annual exams allow your vet to give your purr baby a “nose to tail” physical exam looking for signs of disease or anything out of the ordinary. We’ll check your cat’s ears for parasites such as mites. We’ll take a look at the eyes for retinal health and inside their mouths for signs of gum disease. Their heart and lungs will be listened to check for any irregularities and their skin will be inspected for any lesions or bumps. We’ll also assess your pet’s weight to ensure there isn’t any potential for obesity-related illnesses, which (in addition to dental disease) is one of the leading health issues for older, indoor cats.

Annual checkups are also a perfect time to ensure your cat is up to date on all vaccinations. Cats that are regularly outdoors are more susceptible to feline leukemia so that particular vaccination may be recommended.

Check Up Prep
Prepare your cat for their vet visit by taking them for rides around the block in their carrier. Put the carrier in the house a few days before their check up and start adding toys, treats, or blankets to it so that your cat will associate it as a fun and safe place rather than a scary one.

We’ll do our best to make the experience as calm and stress-free when they get here. Make an appointment today!