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Low Country Travel With Pets

Low Country Travel With Pets

Pets like to travel as much as we do, but sometimes finding places that will accomodate them is tricky. One of our staff actually took a trip to the Low Country. Shen and her husband started out in Charleston, South Carolina and made their way down through the islands. They took their two pups and were happy to report that they found lots of great activities and eateries that were fur baby friendly. Here are a few of their highlights!

Overlooking Charleston Harbor and the Cooper River, Waterfront Park offers stunning views and 10 acres perfect for pup exploration. There’s lots to take in including the park’s famous Pineapple Fountain, oak tree covered paths, and the pier which offers loads of seating for dolphin sighting. The area is very pet-friendly with lots of grassy areas complete with water fountains and doggie clean up stations. 

Charleston’s French Quarter is rich with historical sites and breathtaking architecture from times long ago. You and your doggies will  have a wonderful time exploring the hidden alleyways, historical markers, and stunning scenery. 

After a day of exploring, Fuel Charleston is a wonderful place to grab a bite. The restaurant’s back patio has tons of seating and a very fun ambience. The staff brings pups a large bowl of cold water and pieces of bacon during their visit. Not only is the food amazing (their braised pork tacos and ho-cakes are to die for), but the dogs are absolutely thrilled with their treat!

There are several islands to explore on the way down the coast, but Hunting Island State Park was the traveler’s favorite stop. Many of the islands in the Low Country have since been developed into golf courses and gated communities, but Hunting Island State Park still features the rugged, natural landscape that nature lovers crave. You and your dogs will enjoy exploring the pristine beaches and the saltwater lagoon. 

Carolina Cider Company is a great place to stop for a nibble and pick up a few unique goodies. Located just outside of historic Beaufort, South Carolina, the Carolina Cider Company offers natural ciders, hand-made jams, pickles, and more. Their sweet-potato bread and molasses cookies are worth the stop alone. You and your pet can kick back on the picnic tables and swinging chairs out front and enjoy your treats. 

We wish you and your pets happy and safe travels! Follow our blog for more pet-friendly tidbits!