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Cat Is the New Black

Cat Is the New Black

National Black Cat Day is November 17th

Even in the 21st century, myths and superstitions about black cats, persist—but you might be surprised to know that in many places, these elegant mini-panthers are seen as good luck!

Here in the United States, Black Cat Day is celebrated on October 27th and on November 17th. The latter date actually has origins in Italy, where these dark-furred felines were killed in large numbers in the past because they were seen as bad luck and a symbol of the occult and witchcraft.

In England and Scotland, black cats are viewed as lucky, though unfortunately, that reputation did not make it to America with the settlers. This negative opinion of them is changing, however, as 59% of people recently surveyed said they believe black cats are actually good luck. That percentage is even higher with regular cat owners: 75% say they have had a black cat in the family and would consider adopting one again!

The truth is of course that black cats make loving, fun and wonderful pets, and the color of their fur has nothing to do with whether you can cast spells or are fortunate in life. Despite what your mischievous feline friend may want you to believe, they are not that powerful.

While their dark looks and bad reputation may hold appeal for some people, the sad fact is that because of they’ve been maligned through much of history, these black beauties experience lower adoption rates and higher euthanasia rates at shelters relative to other cat breeds.

The best way to celebrate Black Cat Day? Adopt or foster a black cat—there are usually always plenty of these sweet, beautiful pets looking for loving homes. If that’s not possible, consider volunteering to play with and socialize cats (of all colors) at your local shelter or rescue. And if you’re lucky enough to have a black cat in the family, November 17th is a day to make him or her feel extra special with treats, a new toy, or maybe a broomstick ride!