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Bicycling with Pets

DogBike Bicycling with Pets

Follow these tips when bicycling with pets!

Bike rides can be amazingly fun for your pet as well as a great way for the whole family to get exercise! As with any activity, taking safety precautions ensures that both you and your pet have a great time.

Before heading out, it’s important to assess what option is going to be best for your pet. Are they a bulldog with short legs and a short nose? Do they trouble breathing? Are elderly or overweight? Be sure to take your pet’s frame and overall health into consideration when deciding on what type of bike ride would be best for them.

Jogger Kits

Once you’ve confirmed your dog is good to go for a trot-along bike ride, here are a few products that will ensure their safety. A jogger kit allows your dog to trot beside you while remaining safely leashed. If your dog has the tendency to bolt, you may want to practice in your yard or in a closed-in park to get your pet used to the activity.


Bike carriers/baskets are a great option for small, lightweight dogs. There are basic baskets that attach to the front or rear of your bicycle. Some come equipped with lead attachments to safely secure your pet. Others feature a cover that prevents your pet from falling or jumping out of the basket during your adventures.


If jogger kits aren’t suitable for your pet and they’re too heavy for a basket, trailers are a perfect option. Trailers are a comfortable option for elderly dogs or breeds that have short legs and noses. Some trailers can accommodate dogs up to 110 lbs.  

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