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Best Stimulating Dog Toys

animal-canine-cute-1739093 Best Stimulating Dog Toys

A bored dog can sometimes result in destructive behavior such as chewing, clawing, etc. Before booting Fido to the backyard, try giving them a stimulating toy to keep them busy when you’re not around. Here are a few top rated dog toys for stimulation.

Kong Classic – This go-to toy satisfies a dog’s hunting instincts while fulfilling their desire to play. Stuff this bad boy with treats or kibble to keep your dog busy.

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball – This awesome ball is great for small to medium sized dogs. It features adjustable learning levels so that you can make it more difficult as your pooch gets the hang of it. Simply fill it with your dog’s favorite food or treats and let them have at it!

Trixie Poker Box – Featuring adjustable difficulty and a book of tips and tricks to keep Fido engaged, this toy features four puzzles in one. Treats can be placed in drawers at the front of the puzzle allowing your pup to either get the food with little effort or in drawers at the back making it a little more of a challenge.

Kong Genius – If your dog is up for a challenge, give the Kong Genius a go. Great for combating boredom and separation anxiety, this treat-dispensing toy stimulates curiosity and can be interlocked with other Genius toys for added difficulty.

As with all new toys, allow your dog to test them out while you’re around to make sure they can play with them safely. While most dog toys are made of durable material, there are some crazy tough chewers out there.

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