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Best Doggie H20 Products

DogDrinkingWater Best Doggie H20 Products

Hot summer days will increase your dog’s water needs by double or triple especially if they’ve been out on a walk or playing outside when it’s hot. Keep your pooch well hydrated with these top-rated portable pup watering products. 

Slurpy Sipper
This 12 oz dog-friendly water bottle comes with it’s own bowl. Simply press the button to unlock the fill up the bowl option and let your pooch have at it! The bottle is leak proof and comes in turquoise, pink, and white. A larger 18.5 oz bottle is available.

HighWave Auto Dog Mug
Our fur babies need water on long drives just as much as we do. The HighWave Auto Dog Mug features a 20 oz plastic water bottle with a lid that doubles as a bowl. Simply squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl. If you dog doesn’t want all the water, simply squeeze the bottle again and the remaining water will go back into the bottle.

PupWerks Pup Cup
This awesome cup fits to the bottom of most water bottles so that you have a water bowl readily available for your dog. BPA and latex free. Just know that if you have a bigger pooch, you’ll be filling this bowl a few times.

KONG H20 Stainless Steel Water Bottle
KONG is known for their quality pet products and this water bottle is no exception. The stainless steel material keep the water cold and the lid acts as a bowl.

Dexas Popware Collapsible Pet Bowl
This bowls are awesome. They are lightweight and collapsible so they can be stashed literally anywhere (glove compartment, backpack, etc.) or attached to your dog’s leash via the handy carabiner.

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