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Annual Blood Work

mon146034 Annual Blood Work

Annual blood work for pets. 

Blood work is an important tool for disease screening in pets and is an important element of preventative care. Even the happiest dog or spryest cat can have hidden medical issues that could get worse if left untreated. Blood work helps your vet diagnose an issue early on and most often in the most treatable stage. 

Routine blood tests include the following:

  • Screening of red and white blood cell counts gives us an idea of your pet’s blood type and the number of each type of cell.  For example, a high white blood cell count could indicate chronic inflammation, an infection, or other another disease process. A low red blood cell count could indicate anemia.  
  • A blood chemistry profile is completed to evaluate kidney and liver function, blood sugar, and protein levels.

We highly recommend annual blood work for younger pets, and as often as every 6 months in older pets. Regular blood work helps your vet identify any changes from the previous results so that they can better identify health problems in the early stages. 

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