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Adopt A Dog Month

animal-canine-chihuahua-206014 Adopt A Dog Month

October is National Adopt A Dog Month. If you are thinking about adding a fur baby to your family, please consider adopting a dog today.

According to ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Visit your local shelter to see what doggies are in need of a loving forever home. Not sure where to start? PetFinder.com has been helping dogs and cats find their perfect human for over twenty years.

Do you love dogs, but aren’t in a position to adopt? No worries! There are lots of other ways you can help these cuddle buns find a permanent home.

What better way to help a dog in need than by hosting a fundraiser? With platforms like GoFundMe or 31 Days of Rescue Dogs, you can invite your friends and family to donate $1 to help provide care, food and shelter to a pup that is waiting for a home.

Get Social
Raise awareness by donating space on your Facebook page. Simply post “October is Adopt-A-Dog Month” as your status and include a link to your local shelter or pet adoption organization. You can also use Twitter, Instagram or other social media platform of your choice to encourage others to adopt a dog or donate their time.

Offer A Temporary Home

In lieu of adopting a dog, you can offer your home on a temporary basis to a dog in need until the shelter or pet organization is able to find them a forever home. Providing a safe and comforting environment can help a dog become socialized and calm which can improve their chances of finding a long-term home.

Share Your Skills
Do you happen to be a pretty decent writer or photographer? Shelters and adoption agencies are always in need of someone who can write up a snappy bio for pets who need homes. “Rufus is a sweet cuddle buns who adores everyone he meets. He is addicted to milk bones, enjoys his tennis ball and adores country music. Stop by and visit him today!” A sweet snap shot and a fun description can make a huge difference in finding these pooches a home.

When in doubt, give your local pet shelter a shout to find out what kind of help is needed.

The Corner Vet® will give new fur baby parents $10 off all services of $40 or more with proof of adoption within 30 days. Give us a call to find out more!


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