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About The Corner Vet®

photo4 About The Corner Vet®

About The Corner Vet®

The Corner Vet® is a primary care veterinarian and we focus on wellness and preventive medicine, as well as non-well care services for the most common minor ailments.  We also perform important routine surgeries such as spays, neuters, and dental extractions.   Think of us as being similar to your primary care doctor in human medicine.  We offer exceptional value and should be your primary vet relationship for most services including annual exams, vaccinations, minor sicknesses, allergy control, heartworm screening, parasite screening and treatment, ear infections, skin problems, and eye infections.

What makes us different?

The Corner Vet® brings affordability to quality care.  We offer the best combination of quality, service, convenience, and value in veterinary care today.  You should choose The Corner Vet® because you want very experienced veterinarians, top quality products, and exceptional service for your pet.

Quality at our Core

Many businesses use the word quality, but what does it really mean?  For The Corner Vet® we feel to deliver a quality product we have to start with quality at our core.  For us that means quality clinical staff and quality products.

We are fortunate to have experienced, compassionate veterinarians having graduated from the top veterinary schools as a part of our staff.  

We also carry only the highest quality products manufactured by top-rated companies.  We buy our products direct from the manufacturer from companies that include Amerisource Bergen, Bayer, Elanco, Henry Schein, Merck, Merial, Patterson, and Zoetis (Pfizer) and most importantly, the companies that provide our products stand behind them.  

How can our prices be so much lower?

How do we keep our prices so low, while maintaining the highest quality care? Typical veterinary hospitals and veterinary clinics must be prepared to offer a multitude of services that are infrequently used.  In order to pay for the cost of this infrequently used equipment, they must inflate the prices of other services to cover their expenses. The Corner Vet focuses our spending on the equipment that is needed for the most common services our customers use and we don’t purchase rarely used, exotic diagnostic equipment. Our savings are then passed on to you in the form of lower, affordable prices.

As a primary care veterinarian, The Corner Vet® focuses on great medicine at an affordable price.  

Who are our doctors?

Our doctors are highly trained and experienced professionals from top veterinary schools who provide exceptional care with premium products.  They decided to join The Corner Vet® team because our emphasis on wellness and preventive medicine brings down the cost of healthcare.  

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